Super Bowl Ads Serve Up Sexism

Daddy and his friends decide to eat her Doritos and play dress up with her. Which would be great! Except that the punch line is that men have put on dresses and make up. A joke that relies on caricatures of gender roles is as old as time. Its also offensive to anyone who doesnt conform to these strict roles. Also bonus nagging wife carrying groceries thrown in at the end because women are the worst. 5. CBS turns waitresses into strippers Normally the network spots tend to be far less glitzy and therefore avoid the pitfalls of assuming sexist = sexy. But CBS decided to keep up with the big boys this year. It took the female stars of Two Broke Girls, who play, fittingly, broke girls working waitressing jobs to get by, and turned them into strippers. As many articles have circulated lately on the emotional labor that service sector workers are expected to perform, it seemed somehow fitting. This emotional labor requires poorly paid service employees, from cashiers to servers to food prep, to perform happiness and friendliness as part of the job requirements. The fine line between female friendliness and flirtatious invitations (a line that many men confuse) are done away with in this ad. Not to mention that making the girls swing from poles is taken as just another employer request the girls must comply with, no matter the absurdity. So well done, CBS, for showing us how service work now comes with outrageous demands.


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