Funniest And Flattest Super Bowl Ad Teasers

Sarah McLachlan Lends Voice to Doberhuahua

“The slow clap joke went out of style in the 00’s. But it’s great to see Sean Astin getting some work,” Lenderman said. Touchdown Bud Light: “Arnold Zipper” Bud Light’s teasers with high-profile celebrities in puzzling scenarios leaves people wanting more. Lenderman called the advertisements’ protagonists a “quirky” combination of celebrity spokespeople, including former California governor and action star Arnold Schwarzenegger in a ping-pong player’s get-up. In other teasers, Actor Don Cheadle hangs out with a llama and musician and comedian Reggie Watts serenades a bachelorette party in a stretch SUV. The tag line? “Whatever is coming. Are you #UpForWhatever?” “For the Bud Light audience, the more random the better,” Lenderman said. “Experiential ‘hidden camera’ stuff seems to work well these days, and putting one guy through it may prove interesting.” GoDaddy: “Bodybuilder” Last October, GoDaddy announced that it was moving away from racy Super Bowl ads in favor of a more “mature” direction. Instead of the female body, GoDaddy decided to focus on male bodybuilders in its humorous “Bodybuilder” spot.


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